BISTRO CUPCAKES - Cupcakes kategori continental, sememangnya sangat sedap, hiasan ala2 cafe atau bistro. sesuai untuk majlis keraian. Memang puas hati !!

Oreo Cupcakes 

Carrot Cupcakes With Cream Cheese 

Red velvet Cupcakes With Cream Cheese

Butter Cream Cupcakes  - Monster Cookies

Piping Gel on Butter Cream 

Buttercream and Blueberry also we also have strawberry !!

Butter Cream and Fondant

25 pieces per box 
with buttercream frosting = RM50
with cream cheese frosting = RM62
with piping gel topping = RM65
with chocolate ganache = RM62
Basic fondant covered = RM75 ++ for additional topping design

Additional charges:
Fondant cut-out alphabet & othercut-outs : RM0.50 per cut out
Edible image on cupcakes : add RM1 per cup
Custom edible images A4 size : RM18
Alphabet candel : RM2 per alphabet